Expandable Drawer Organizer with 4 Big Dividers and 4 Small Dividers

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Solid bamboo


Bamboo natural


Big divider: 44-56cm long, 1.6cm wide, 6.5cm high

Small divider: 7cm long, 1.5cm wide, 6.5cm high


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Product Description

Item No. MF20100

This set of drawer dividers is made of solid wood bamboo and contains four big dividers and four small dividers. The length of the long dividers is expandable and can be adjusted between 44cm and 56cm – suitable for drawers of different types and sizes. The small dividers can be placed between two large dividers and create more compartments for storage. According to the purposes and sizes of the storage items, such like kitchen tools, office supplies and clothes, the space in the drawers can be divided for your personal preferences and be kept more tidy and hygenic. Both ends of each dividers are attached with non-slip rubber strips to make the connection of the dividers and the drawer wall more stabel and fixed.

  • Material: solid bamboos.
  • 1x set includes: 4x big dividers and 4 small dividers.
  • Size of the big dividers: 44-56cm long, 6.5cm high and 1.6cm thick; sizes of the small dividers: 7cm long, 6.5cm high and 1.5cm thick.
  • Durable and sustainable material.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance.




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