Desk Station-organizer with Grey Foldable Drawer, L23xW20xH13,1 cm

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Solid bamboo, metal, non-woven


Bamboo natural, grey


L23xW20xH13,1 cm


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Product Description

The trend of working from home is now more popular than ever. Creating your own home workspace has become a necessity. This multifunctional desk organizer is ideal for the home office. Computer screen or laptop can be placed on the solid metal surface. Very important: this ensures that you keep your neck straighter and automatically sit more upright than if there is no platform under your computer or laptop. The main shelf is made of solid bamboo. That has a drawer with ample storage space for office supplies such as pens, notebooks, etc. Due to the design of this desk organizer, there is still a lot of desk space left due to the not too large size. So also ideal for a smaller working environment and/or a tidy (large) desk!

  • The main body of the desk organizer is made of 100% selected high quality deep mountain bamboo. After multiple production processes such as carbonization and drying, the bamboo wood reaches a high density and hardness. The growth cycle of bamboo is shorter than that of wood, which is more environmentally friendly! The white metal top is perforated through which the light enters the storage drawer. This makes it easier to find things.
  • The metal plate is sturdy and secure to support displays of various sizes and weights on the top.
  • Supplied with 4 non-slip underlays for the lower corners.
  • Bamboo shelf is mounted. Colour: natural bamboo (shelf), white (metal top), white or gray (drawer).
  • There is a large version of this desk organizer with 3 compartments, same height and color. Both can be placed side by side as a set to increase storage space.




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